Canoe Ontario

model for two people

A recreational, family canoe, very comfortable, stable and safe, a two-seater with solid benches. You can paddle and have enough legroom and luggage space. This lightweight canoe will save the paddler's effort unmatched by most of similar types of canoes. The space under the benches provides also ample stowage for provisions and equipment.

ONTARIO Canoe, the best friend of your waterway adventure.

Our canoes are the best solution for the water tourists wishing to spend their leisure time in a larger group, with their family or friends in the great outdoors.


Ontario is a line of very versatile kayaks produced using the vacuum infusion technology. On offer are three versions, differing in the materials:

model material price
Ontario Basic 1555 euro
D/K 1791 euro
Carbon 2362 euro


Canoes are light and easily transportable. Their large capacity allows you to pack up to 380 kg of equipment.

Canoe in action

photos by: Agnieszka Stojanowska, Hubert Stojanowski