model: 485, 501, 520, 520XL

With Mira provides comfortable paddling in marine conditions, but will also work well on other, calmer waters. lts aggressive line is meant to empower the kayak to overcome the sea waves. At the same time, the kayak offers stability and comfort to enjoy long hours of paddling.

Mira combines modern design (while still referring to the historical sea kayaks) with plenty of room for paddlers' kit.

MIRA, your best friend on the sea wave.

The Mira family comes in four versions: Mira 520, Mira XL 520 (for kayakers who need a larger cockpit), Mira 501, Mira 485 (for women or teenagers). The kayak is equipped with original KajakSport hatches (from 15cm day hatch to oval 42/30cm hatch) allowing larger stowage. The stowage volume starts from 170 I (in MIRA485) up to 200 I (in MIRA 520) torage space. Volume of storage starts from 170l in MIRA485 to 200I in MIRA 520.

lenght: 485cm width: 57cm cockpit: 84x41cm
weight: 19-21kg max. cap.: 130kg paddler weight range: 50-70kg

lenght: 501cm width: 57cm cockpit: 88x46cm
weight: 21-23kg max. cap.: 140kg paddler weight range: 70-95kg

lenght: 520cm width: 57cm cockpit: 88x46cm
weight: 22-24kg max. cap.: 150kg paddler weight range: 90-110kg

lenght: 520cm width: 57cm cockpit: 94x50cm
weight: 22-24kg max. cap.: 150kg paddler weight range: 90-120kg


Mira is a line of very versatile kayaks produced using the vacuum infusion technology. On offer are three versions, differing in the materials:

model material price
Mira 485, 501, 520, 520XL Basic 2194 euro
D/K 2460 euro
Carbon 2962 euro


Additionally, we have equipped the kayak with paddle holders, a dedicated and easily accessible location for a hand pump, the SmartTrack rudder system or optional KayakSport Skeg System 4. We took care to provide a very comfortable seat with a regular backrest and a soft foam finish.

Mira in action

photos by: Tomasz Furmanek, Lisa Loderbauer, Hubert Stojanowski, Szymon Mackiewicz, Milosz Stojanowski