model: 440, 480

Cayman, with its compact size and light weight, will give you an opportunity to enjoy the delights of kayaking on both rivers and lakes. lt can also cope at sea, although its natural environment are calmer waters.

The "U-shaped" hull gives the kayak speed, but also ensures stability. The model was designed for short trips. Cayman is light, easily mountable on the car roof, and compact in storage.

The Cayman family comes in two versions: Cayman 480 is designed for kayakers who want to take more gear on their trip, and Cayman 440 is for kayakers who value a lightweight vessel.

CAYMAN, your best friend on the river and on the lake.

lenght: 440cm width: 60cm cockpit: 83x40cm
weight: 18-20kg max. cap.: 130kg paddler weight range: 80-100kg

lenght: 480cm width: 60cm cockpit: 83x40cm
weight: 19-21kg max. cap.: 140kg paddler weight range: 85-105kg


Cayman is a line of very versatile kayaks produced using the vacuum infusion technology. On offer are three versions, differing in the materials:


model material price
Cayman 440 Basic 1958 euro
D/K 2234 euro
Carbon 2588 euro
Cayman 480 Basic 2007 euro
D/K 2273 euro
Carbon 2637 euro


The kayak is equipped with original KajakSport hatches (from a 15cm day hatch to an oval 42/30cm hatch) allowing large stowage. The stowage volume starts from 170 I.

Cayman in action

photos by: Hubert Stojanowski, Milosz Stojanowski