The Story

Tadeusz Mackiewicz started designing and building his sailboats already in the 1970s, so our first fishing boats and sailboat composite designs were made basing on this experience. The next step was to extend our offer with kayaks. At the beginning, to meet the demand of the local market, we manufactured only family recreational vessels. During this period, our offer included a few dozen of different models of canoes and kayaks.

Wigkayaks made its debut at PaddleExpo in Nuremberg, where the decision on the directions of company's further development was made. An idea was born to design kayaks for more demanding paddlers, and with much more competitive specifications.

2014-2018 Launching the first sea kayaks (SeaFi line) The models required more complex production processes and the development of new technologies. Also at that time, we developed the Cayman and Mira families of kayaks. The quality of our workmanship and performance of the kayaks caught the attention of paddlers from many countries (also outside Europe).

The key change for that year was the new technology of hull manufacturing. From this moment on, all sea kayaks have been manufactured using vacuum infusion technology, which has significantly improved quality and durability of the kayaks while reducing their weight.

Wigkayaks consistently developed its sea kayaks line. New equipment and materials used in production were tested. Also, a more competitive and faster kayak called Rapid was launched on the market.

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